Senior Player of the Year

2017 A Grade - Men

WINNER: Matthew West (Wests)

Patrick Collingwood (Easts)

Stuart Darby (Hancock Brothers)

Kyah Andrew-Sharrad (Norths)


2017 A Grade - Women

WINNER: Casey Haumaha (Swifts)

Mackenzie McAvoy (Bellbowrie)

Layla Eleison (Hancock Brothers)

Sarah Parlett (Norths)

Amy Nicholls (Wests)


2017 Reserve Grade - Men

WINNER: Blake Douglas (Hancock Brothers)

Dean Boughen (Easts)

Mark Davidson (Norths)

Lucas Alchin (Wests)


2017 Reserve Grade - Women

WINNER: Kirra Muller (Norths)

Maddison Baker (Hancock Brothers)

Shiralee Bull (Swifts)

Madeline Denny (Thistles/Bellbowrie)

Janet Peters (Wests)


2017 R2 Grade

WINNER: Michelle Casey (Collegians)

Tahni Adie (Bellbowrie)

Kaylah McDermott (Hancock Brothers)

Brittany Barrett (Norths)

Janelle Deacon (Swifts)

Karla Black (Vets)

Amanda McKenna (Wests)


2017 A2 Grade - Men

WINNER: Cameron Cliff (Bellbowrie)

Ethan Casey (Collegians)

Craig Barrett (Easts)

Brent Kinnane (Hancock Brothers)

Joshua Shaw (Norths Red)

Terry Wode (Norths White)

Carlin Pamenter (Wests)


2017 A2 Grade - Women

WINNER: Kylie Prasser (Collegians)

Alison Fenton (Bellbowrie)

Kathy Burns (Norths)

Kathleen Anderson (Swifts)

Christina Nipperess-Sims (Thistles)

Amanda Hill (Vets)

Jayne Goetsch (Wests)