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From 2017, ALL representative player nominations will be taken online; there will be no paper nomination forms.

To complete a nomination, players will require the email address and password used to register for the 2017 season.

If you are wanting to nominate for more than one age group you will need to complete separate nominations.

 Click HERE to nominate for a 2017 Ipswich representative team


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to the winners of the


Amy Korner Award

Layla Eleison

Barry Dancer Award

 Chris Mantell

Masters Award

Karen Harnden

 Paul Mantell Volunteer of the Year

 Denis Tierney


Trophy Winners

A Grade Men Norths Hancocks Hancocks Norths
A Grade Women Wests Swifts Wests Shared Wests/Hancocks
Reserve Grade Men Norths  Easts Easts Norths
Reserve Grade Women Swifts Wests Wests Wests
R2 Women Vets Collegians Vets Vets
A2 Men Norths Red Bellbowrie Norths Red Norths Red
A2 Women Wests Bellbowrie Bellbowrie Bellbowrie
C Grade Girls Hancocks Wests White Hancocks Hancock Brothers
J1 Boys Hearts Bellbowrie Wests Black Shared Bellbowrie/Wests Black
D Grade Girls Wests Thistles White Wests Norths Hancocks
J2 Boys Norths Wests Norths Wests
E Grade Girls Wests Norths Wests Bellbowrie
J3 Boys Easts Hancocks Easts Hancock Brothers

Senior Players of the Year

A Grade: Nathan Smith (Hancock Brothers), Layla Eleison (Hancocks)

Reserve Grade: Matthew West (Wests), Danielle Emblem (Wests)

R2 Grade: Shannon Iszlaub (Wests)

A2 Grade: Craig Rew (Hancock Brothers), Shannon Ashton (Bellbowrie)


Junior Players of the Year

Male: Zac Profke           Female: Jordn Office


Umpire Awards

Herb Eleison Award for Service to Umpiring: Mark Eleison

Basil Coker Award for Umpiring Achievement: Leonie Young & Aaron Gotting

Junior Male Umpire of the Year: Kyle Jackson Runner Up: Hayden Michel

Junior Female Umpires of the Year: Abby Eleison Runner Up: Natalie Walker

Rod Parkinson Encouragement Award: Caitlin Wilson

Peter Hunter Encouragement Award: Hayden Westphal


G & P Builders - Fastest on the Turf!

Man: Nathan Smith (Hancocks)

Woman: Emma Johnson (Wests)

Goalkeeper: Mackenzie McEvoy (Bellbowrie)


Brothers Leagues Club Senior Players of the Finals

A Grade Men: Kyah Andrew-Sharrad (Norths)

A Grade Women: Erin Mackay (Wests)

Reserve Grade Men: Jake Thornton (Norths)

Reserve Grade Women: Danni Emblem (Wests)

R2 Women: Kelly McAuliffe (Vets)

A2 Men: Shane Nichols (Bellbowrie)

A2 Women: Jacqui Ashton (Bellbowrie)


NANDO'S Players of the Junior Finals

C Grade Girls: Caleisha Harper (Hancock Brothers), Emma Picton (Wests White)

J1 Boys: Zac Ashton-Norton (Bellbowrie), Joseph Cook (Hearts)

D Grade Girls: Kiana-Lynne McPeake (Wests), Jessica Andrews (Thistles White)

J2 Boys: Riley Profke (Norths), Jameson D'Castro (Wests)

E Grade Girls: Sophie D'Castro (Wests), Jenna Klerks (Norths)

J3 Boys: Jack White (Easts), Jacob Henig (Hancock Brothers)

Thanks to Nando's Riverlink for their generous support of these awards


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