Switch Podiatry

At SwitchPodiatry our aim is to keep you moving by looking after your hip to toe issues. If you need help in fixing any of these issues you can:

Many people do not realise podiatrist look after more than just the feet. At SwitchPodiatry our   speciality are the biomechanics of the lower limbs; bone/muscular injury prevention; and rehabilitation. Do not get me wrong your feet are very important and the treatment of foot conditions and biomechanics is fundamental to the treatment plan. In addition to this we also specialise in children's feet conditions, shoe advice and painful ingrown nails.

You will see me at the hockey watching my children playing hockey or you may even see me on the field as I am thinking of dusting off the hockey stick this season. Come up and say hello and tell me about your lower limb conditions or any other podiatry question you may have. I am very passionate about podiatry and enjoy helping people.